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Hello and welcome!  My name is Heather Wodhams and I am an avid artist and photographer.  I have always loved to create and therefore dabble in many different mediums and styles.  For the most part my work centres around Canadian scenes and wildlife though I never limit myself to any one subject!  
I graduated with an Advanced College Diploma in Fine Arts in 2010 but mainly consider myself self-taught.  I have had many great mentors come in to my life, and with that have had many great experiences that helped teach me what I know.  I love to learn, and believe that the learning process is never-ending when it comes to art.
 I am inspired on a daily basis by the beautiful world God has provided for us, I hope that my work can give others a glimpse into that beauty, and to help others appreciate the details we can often overlook or take for granted. 
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